Thursday, January 28, 2010


Over the last couple of weeks Blake and I have been very lucky to visit most of our friends and families. It has been wonderful.

We got to spend 10 days in Oklahoma for Christmas which I loved. Not stressful, actually very relaxing and rejuvenating. I even got to spend an evening in Fayetteville with my besties and best glo friends/girls. I especially enjoyed this because I got to meet the most precious yummy little girl named Stella (Haley's daughter). Blake was glad that I finally got to meet her because I was beginning to be obsessed about her. not sure if it is any better now.

Then as soon as we got back to Denver it felt like it was time to leave again to be a part of my cousin Cara's big day. I had the honor of being matron of honor, and not to brag on myself but I think I pulled off planning and executing a personal shower and bachelorette party in Fort Worth from Denver pretty well. We had a wonderful time and it was great to be with all of my family (I forgot my camera and used my mom's all weekend but I don't have any pictures to show for it).

Then just a week later we boarded planes once again (I still hate flying!) but this time headed in our own directions. Blake went to meet his friends in Vegas while I head to Fayetteville once again to see all the wonderful people that live there. We both had a wonderful time. We decided however, that next we go somewhere it will be on a vacation together.

I so enjoyed my visits to Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and it reminded me of how truly blessed I am with all of the people in my life. Thank you family, Glo friends, Cassius friends, and Wheaton friends, Rogers friends, and Springfield friends. I honestly miss you all more than you will ever know.

On another note Denver, it turns out, is an ok town...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Well it has been a long while since I posted anything and thought it was about time. I'll be honest I have been a little preoccupied getting papers written for class and I kind of forgot that I even had a blog. So this is going to be a long story short to say the least.

Though I am still not 100% sure about living here, I am beginning to enjoy myself a little more and I cry because I miss everyone only about once a week compared to like every other day (maybe a bit too much disclosure but oh so true). The weather thankfully has been something that I have loved. I thought OK, and AR were bad about daily changing weather but Denver has set a new standard. Last week we had 28 inches of snow yes that is right more than 2 FEET of snow. It was incredible! Then this weekend we have been having record highs in the high 70's. I have been telling Blake that God new that I needed snow this season because I love it, so he has been giving me a lot of it. But at the same time, I get all the sunshine I need. Here is a picture of the snow outside of our apartment though it just does not do it justice.

For Halloween, Blake and I carved our annual pumpkin. You can't really tell but it is a ghost with boo in the middle of it.Very cute! We were proud of ourselves because it was a level 4 out 5 pumpkins on the difficulty scale.

I know we look a little rough, such is life

Since we have talked last we have also had a few wonderful visitors. I am so thankful for each and every one them coming. I don't know what I would have done without them. Ms. Mary (Blake's mom) and Suzanne (Blake's sis) came in September and we had a wonderful time. We went shopping, antiquing, and eating - who could ask for anything more? Then my parents came in October. Also such a treat. We all went to the Denver Aquarium, which was awesome. I felt like a kid in a candy store. The funny thing is that my favorite part of the aquarium was that they had a tiger amongst all of the beautiful fish. But to be fair the tiger did swim. Shout out to Sydo and Hunter too!! We had the best time with you all, oh to have great friends. You all were so encouraging.

I wish I had pictures from when my parents were here, but we sadly did not take a one.
Thanks to all of you who have been supportive and encouraging to Blake and I over the last couple of months. It has meant more than you will ever know.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Home Sweet Home

We have had our taste of adventure the last couple of weeks. We came out to Denver with out a place to live. Which means all of our worldly possessions were in the back of a truck parked in a hotel parking lot. Let me just say it was a great experience, but we will hopefully never have to do it again.

We spent a week, running around town, trying to find a place. Everything was either unbelievably expensive, built in 1970 complete with smokey interiors, or in the middle of no where. After looking at probably 10 apartment buildings, and numerous houses and duplexes we finally narrowed it down to two places. We had a hard time deciding because we came out here wanting to find a place in Denver that was cool and different from where we had been living in Rogers.

One of the places was sandwiched in the middle of two really cool neighborhoods. It wasn't necessarily in a cool place itself but probably will be in a couple of years. It was a part of a small complex, I think like 30 units, that had just recently been completely redone. The kitchen was awesome, a dream, but everything else was a bit marginal. Ultimately too small, with no lighting, and no washer and dryer hook ups. Which was something I really did not want to give up.

The other place was cool too, however just reminded us of our last place. Insides are totally different but the outside a siding and rock combo just like Stone Manor. So living here was compromising our dream for the time being, but the best place for us overall.

So we decided to move in....Dakota Ridge is our new home.

Pictures again will be posted shortly. I still don't have everything in order yet.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Colorado or Bust!

This last week as been a whirl wind to say the least....I will probably have two posts coming up about our road trip and one about our crazy housing search.

But first our roadtrip!!! All last week Blake and I did some packing, trying to stay organized, which is difficult to do when you are packing up everything you own. Then Saturday and Sunday were major move days. Thanks to the help of our future Brother-in-law and our good friend Wes we got the U-haul packed. My parents and friends were so great to come over and support emotionally helping me accomplish the small details of a move. Then Monday morning was the big day!!! My wonderful dad came with us to help drive the u-haul.

My cute dad with the U-haul and Flat Stanley

We set off pretty early and it was a bit of a bumpy road to begin with, we started driving in rain. Which doesn't sound like that big deal unless the Uhaul wind shield wipers were working!!! Which the were obviously not. But not to worry, Jim Bob and Blake did some investigating and some shaking of the dash board to fix the problem.

We finally arrived at our destination of Colby, KS. I don't think that I had ever been so happy to stop from a road trip. The the next morning we got up early to hit the ground running to find a place to live.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Packing Up Life and Moving Out West

Well this is my first official blog post thanks to the help and inspiration of Elizabeth J Ray and Haley B Nicodemus (shout out girls!)

The main purpose of this diary is to keep everyone updated on Blake and I, and allow my friends and family to experience the ups and downs of our new life in Denver.

This is our final week in NWA and I must say that it has been very hard for me. Many tears have been shed with a lot more to come I am sure. But I know that the Lord has a great and specific adventure in store for us, which I am excited about.

I am taking my dear friend Mikki's lead and sharing with you a few things I know that I will miss.Our so fun and cute apartment. Here is our lovely bedroom.

Our perfect kitchen and all of the other rooms of our first apartment together. I will truly miss this place.

A few other things on our list:
- All of our wonderful friends (Cassius Lane)
- Being close to our families
- Glo Limited (the perfect place to work and play)
- Stone Mill bread company (I think you have received half of my pay check)
- Our Alma Mater and the memories that go along with that
- Yoga on Mondays
- Blake says he will miss playing basketball after work
- Andy's Frozen custard
- Braum's milk (what will we do without you?)

Though this is a short list there are so many things that we will continue to think and reminisce about here in NWA. We are truly blessed to have been surrounded and encouraged by so many wonderful people. We shall return!!